Refocusing Our Efforts

One of the great strengths of NAWI is its ability and willingness to continuously refine its reason for being. While it has always served Career and Technical Education, NAWI has grown through the years from addressing research and accountability to a broader concept of program improvement. This broader concept has taken on new and exciting aspects as workforce needs change and education responds. NAWI has worked to establish strong ties to industry and has created partnerships with other entities with similar goals. Below are NAWI’s newly revised Vision and Mission. Additionally, the NAWI Board is developing and will publish a three-year plan, which will help chart the organization’s course, aligned to the Vision and Mission.

NAWI Vision
NAWI will be recognized as a leading information source on workplace innovation, new technologies, and successful partnerships for Career and Technical Education.

NAWI Mission
NAWI serves members who have connections to Career and Technical Education and the workplace who share the goal of providing top quality education and training to individuals preparing to enter the workforce.

NAWI seeks to

  • ensure that workplace innovation, including new technologies, is featured in education/training
  • promote cooperation among business, education, and community entities through regional and national events and strategic partnerships
  • highlight successful program improvement activities in Career and Technical Education.
  • Constitution and Bylaws PDF, with the duties of NAWI officers described.

    NAWI Organzation
    NAWI is a not-for-profit program of CMF Inc., a 501c3 non profit dedicated to promoting a renewed culture of innovation, innovation education, and the advancement of scientific research.


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